More than 12 days ago I got a direct message notification instructing me to write this, an article with the title ‘My Valentine dreams’. At first I chuckled thinking it must be a joke of some sort. But I got a reminder to that saying that I have been given a deadline, with eyes wide I muttered ‘choi’ in my twitter voice. This was no rough play; it was more than that, a classical example of what the Yorubas’ call ‘Babanla ika’. Where would I start? I didn’t know. How could I?   Continue reading

My Timelines; The women I have met PART 1

In my sojourn of life, I have met ‘funny people’;MEN!
But today I don’t want to discuss them’,
Maybe another day, maybe in another way,
Maybe I don’t want to tell a story that may seem so gay.

Women, Oh! Yes I have met women,
I’ve lived, I’ve loved, I’ve studied them,
Some I’ve dreamt of, some I crossed parts with,
Some I was there at the time of their first heart beat.  Continue reading


And so I sat on the marble floor, my back to the smooth white wall, legs crossed to form an ‘x’, having incomprehensible maneuvers, trying to write and occasionally glancing at the television. A boring asian ‘mercenary’ movie is on, but that is the least of things on my mind, for I am busy trying to cure the ‘writer’s block’ syndrome which have affected & plagued me time after time, the day after the D-day, for the past 2 months which have made me litter the floor with pieces of squeezed papers and junk.  Continue reading


The time is 2 O’clock and I’m still in the cubicle which is my own office space, a gazillion papers,files & folders lieing around on my ebony shined synthetic table, necking and romancing themselves as if they had lives of their own. I sit with my body arched towards the table, shoes kicked out, sleeves rolled, head hurting, back aching, & for the millionth time wishing I had a different job, a much easier one. But   Continue reading


Pillows telling tales of large rain drops from a humanoid cave

Bed-rock subtly show casing restlessness of a tormented being

Astral sand, hills and planes singing sad songs of the presence of a newly lost soul

On sojourn like a ghoul roaming the earth with unfinished business.  Continue reading


For two weeks in a row now, i will say that the  TwizzleFrisky brand have  been having a nice time. Just last week Sunday the 25th of September, TwizzleFrisky’s model Ms_Frisky (Uju Obijiaku) had a balling time at Ember Creek Ikoyi, Victoria Island Lagos, where she had a birthday bash with her twin sister Oby Loretta Obijiaku. Her friends, family, twitter followers and well wishers were all present to send good wishes and to enjoy themselves too, it was a blast.

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Ms_Frisky ‘Uju Obijiaku’

It was a heaven of a party at Ember Creek Lounge Ikoyi, Victoria Island Lagos as all friends, families, twitter followers and well wishers trooped out en-mass to wish our dear Uju Obijiaku (a model and twitter goddess ‘@Ms_frisky’ with over 2,500 followers) and her twin sister Oby’@obyloretta’  (a dancer) the best birthday ever.

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I remember returning to the boarding school hostel after going home without proper permission from the authorities, it was an in-thing we did those days. I chose to get to the hostel when the whole school was in the classrooms to avoid being noticed.
I remember meeting some students in the hostel, many approached me for goodies which I’d brought back with me, unlike them all, one was persistent. He wasn’t really a friend though, just one of those people you said ‘what’s up’ to and pass by.

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NB: I wrote this in July on one of those days that half of Lagos and other parts of the country almost got submerged by flood due to massive rain fall. Read on.

In the darkness of my room I heard music playing near by, it wasn’t something I was accustomed to, no! the jams was an 80’s old school. It played on and my mind kept going back to the past and returning to the present, and each time bringing a lot of memories back with it. Somebody snored beside me, I didn’t care, I just laid there and had these incomprehensible maneuvers.   Continue reading


By Yuwavelli G.

The Portugese saw a great need to explore the seas.They needed a new line of trade to sustain their economy.Henry the Navigator,a Prince of Portugal,under the commision of King Afonso V,set sail on the Atlantic sea.After months of sailing,they harboured at a port now known as St. Louis.It was a journey that would bring years of slavery and racial prejudice.  Continue reading


Whoever says going to
school is easy, should also say the same for a camel passing through a needle.
Being a student is one of the hardest jobs I know. It’s a knowledge I’ve had
even while in my mother’s belly which resulted in a going-to-school phobia during my
tender years. Then, every morning before school, I was ‘a bad sharp guy’ like
Leonardo Di Caprio, ‘It was catch me if you can’.  Continue reading


Dear Daddy,
This is a personal message, I hope you understand
At my age I do not want people to think I cry to you over what’s on my mind

But what can I say, I need your help
On issues that I can’t solve by myself
I can not talk to mummy about this
You ought to know this are but men’s things  Continue reading


And so he sat on the brown cushion of his sitting room with elbow on thigh, palm supporting his jaw & eyes on the ceiling pondering how fast time had flown, how he had lost something of class, something he knew deep down that he would never get its type again. He shook his head in great regret as his mind got lost in limbo. Nnamdi was his name, he had just received an email from a buddy of his Deji about a girl he used to know. This matter rattled his spirit and so he had placed a call to the girl only to get his fears confirmed. Now his mind roamed in the astral plains pondering and asking why life was so unfair to them both just as the girl had pointed out to him in a solemn regretful tone over the phone.

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Tears in eyes, heart beating fast, but breath seizing, skin ravaged with goose pimples.

Blood rising & boiling, hands growing bigger, muscles emerging, hair at the neck’s back standing.

Palm fronds dancing, subtlety, air cool, yet skin crawling like lucifers’ close by.

Nose dripping sticky liquid, eyes sparkling, louis Armstrong’s music in ears.  Continue reading


By Miss Dineo Ranaka

I sincerely worry about us, today’s young adults. So arrogant, so selfish, so unforgiving, so competitive and so impatient with love. So emotionally out of control. Our love is proud and love needn’t be proud. love is unpredictable, kind, forgiving, compromising, patient. It confuses us, but we don’t give it time to teach us what it is, instead we hurt each other and let go!!

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[Conscious] – Taking an evening stroll on the road, mind wandering free, here and there.
Sky black, moon halved, air and weather sweet and cool. Musing on life, my life, this life, pondering what man is here for, what I’m here for.

[Subconscious] – Mind gliding, maneuvering incomprehensibles, traveling through time and space continuum in speed 10times faster than light. Kris-crossing Vortexes, permeating portals,  venturing through the unknown, the dead zone. Questions in bags, answers missing, yet mind journey in vain, alls futile.   Continue reading


And so i got out of the black and yellow bus and walked as fast as my legs could carry me, a minute more and i would have been suffocated. God! i thought as i walked, ” i hate Lagos”. My neck ached, my back worse, i battled for air as i could not breathe well due to the carbonmonoxide and dust particles i’d inhaled through out this day. My air ways are clogged like pipes in a steam engine, every moment that passed, i thought i’d faint. Yet i walked on for the traffic was terrific and i was better off on foot at least this way i’m moving.

I kept walking, i was thirsty, i was famished, i was tired, most of all, i was already late from picking up my laptop from the repair village. Yet i kept walking, i got to the village and to the repair shop, walked by throwing a glance at the up stair shop knowing fully well that no one will be there by now. Of course they weren’t there, how could they be? Extending a 6 o’clock closing time till 6.30, dem neva try? ah bow to you oh. I didnt bother calling them cos na me fuck up thanks to lagos traffic. On my way out of the villa gates, i sharpened my eye for a water seller. Any water would do. Pure water, bottled water, well water,all of them join. I didn’t see any till i got to bus stop by the rail tracks, i flipped 5naira note out of my wallet like John Wayne does a desert eagle when about to shoot somebody. I also bought popcorn and chewed voraciously and swallowed the cold water hard while walking up to the join the waiting people.

There was no point in rushing home to darkness, so i stood at the stop, chewed my popcorn, and kept typing this. Amidst more than 2,000 people i stood, they were also waiting to get back to their homes. The buses hiked their fares and people parambulated, while the touts were enjoying their business boom; Owo da! Owo da! The streets shone and the grey sky gradually turned black with no sign of a shining state across its horizon. I watched people and faces and shook my head, then shook it again saying to my self; “all this wan dey Lagos”? I then hissedd knowing that many didn’t even have a choice in the matter for this game of life most times is played not on our terms. My whole body ached, my eye had become dizzy, and i thought,” i think its time to go home now”.